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December 21 2021: And another strange year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to continue. With all the working from home, you'd think there would be a flurry of app development and new projects. Unfortunately, remote working keeps things busy and 2021 has seen little app dev work. I have some plans, and a new MacBook Pro, so perhaps 2022 will see some app activity. In the meantime, I've "retired" some apps that needed updates that I don't have time for, namely Robo WordQuest and Rep Looper. Rep Looper Pro is still available for your timing needs. Take care. Bring on 2022.

July 14 2020: This has been a strange year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world and how we live. As a software engineer, you wonder how you can help. When in doubt, code. Seat Capture is a QR code scanner that date/time stamps each code scanned. Venues with ad hoc seating can tag up their seating with QR codes and visitors use Seat Capture to scan their seats. Captures make up a digital seating diary that is kept on the local device. No internet. No uploads. No tracking. Captures automatically delete themselves 28 days later. Seat Capture provides users with their own digital seating diary to refer to or share as needed.
Seat Capture is available for free download from the Apple iTunes App Store

August 28 2019: More serious than game, Robo WordQuiz mixes training videos with literacy quizzes and awards. Brush up your grammar skills before joining Captain Rusty the robo-dog exploring the different dimensions of Robo WordQuest.
Robo WordQuiz is available for free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

February 18 2019: It's taken a couple of months and a few false starts, but Robo WordQuest is now available for Android devices with a free download from Google Play. . It's a big game so make sure you are on WiFi before you try to install.

November 21 2018: Two years in development, our new serious game Robo WordQuest is through review and available now. Join Captain Rusty the robo-dog exploring different dimensions of a virtual world to gather energy cells to repair your stranded spaceship. Collect 250+ items and achievements across three parallel dimensions by exploration and the completion of literacy exercises related to punctuation use and paragraph construction.
Available for free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

October 27 2018: Wow. Long time since an update. Life has been busy. Most details on new apps coming soon. However, we have just added an app privacy policy to the site. See it here.

April 7 2017: I was thinking of my (ir)regular exercise regime, and the current state of my abs, and while looking at some sets of exercises, I noticed that most are rep (repetition) based and most have cycles/loops of exercise and rest periods. So I built an app that would allow me to set up a rep-based timing schedule and provide audio cues (for hands free use) for changes in exercise modes - reps or rest. Rep Looper, made for me, free for the world. Available for free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.
Also available with extra features - Rep Looper Pro

July 12 2016: Hospital Talk™ is through review and available now. Hospital Talk™ is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication app as it turns an iPhone or iPad into a talking communication aid for use in hospital and long-term residential care.
Available for free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

July 9 2016: This month, we have been working with Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley on a AugComm app to help hospital patients with communication difficulties to get their message across to staff and carers. iOS app submitted to Apple for review today. Follow updates via @HospitalTalkApp.

June 23 2016: Exciting times at Reptile Central. Our serious games with Dr. Erica Southgate (University of Newcastle) have been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2016 ANZIAs under the Innovation Award category. We'll be off to Melbourne in August for the Gala and awards ceremony. Fingers crossed. See the finalist news release here.

April 8 2016: Sentence Hero for Android has been released. Download for free from Google Play . In other news, Parse will soon be unsupported and thus is the end (for the moment) for our app Koala Tag. Parse was a great service, providing free back-end cloud support for Koala Tag. Without this, we don't have time to maintain the app and have removed it from the App Store. The koalas in the Tomaree National Park will have to count themselves from now on. Also Metaio no longer provides updated SDKs for their augmented reality framework so we have removed the AR-GPS navigation apps from the App Store. Burnt again by third party support.

January 13 2016: A new year and a new app released. Sentence Hero is our third app in collaboration with the Literacy App project team at University of Newcastle, Australia.
Free to download on the iTunes App Store

December 9 2015: We were doing a demo of the iOS version of Uni Tune In yesterday and what a surprise to see no videos and just a blank screen. At first we thought it was an iOS9 issue but alas it was all us. New version has just been uploaded to the iTunes App Store for review. Should be ready for download/update in 7 days or so.

November 7 2015: Downloads of Apostrophe Power are going well. Currently at 50 and climbing. We are aware of the background issue with iOS9 and have a new build under review at iTunes App Store. Should be available for update/download within the week.

November 1 2015: Reptiliaware moves into a new era as an app publisher. Working with the Literacy App project team at University of Newcastle, Australia, iOS and Android versions of the Apostrophe Power app are now available. "When apostrophes leave you confused, bored or both, recharge with the Apostrophe Power game".
Free downloads on iTunes App Store and Google Play

June 3 2015: New app completed. The idea for Koala Tag came from a brief conversation on how it would be useful to provide an app to allow the public to tag koala locations in the Tomaree National Park. Little did we know how motivating koala-based app development would be. Using cloud-based services from Parse, Koala Tag was completed in about a month and aims to crowd source the tagging of koala locations near or in the Tomaree National Park (Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia). If you are going to visit the Tomaree National Park, download Koala Tag now and tag any koalas you see. Available for free on the iTunes App Store .

May 10 2015: Never say never. We have just published our first Android app, a port of Uni Tune In. Now available for free on Google Play .

March 11 2015: Downloads of Uni Tune In are going well. 92 downloads in three days across 10+ countries including Australia, Vietnam, USA, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, UAE, Russia, Philippines and Indonesia. In other news, we have temporarily removed both our Augmented Reality navigation apps (rnaNewcatle and rnaParis) from the App Store. There are issues with the way the apps use GPS positions with iOS8 and we are currently rebuilding the apps with a new version of Metaio.

March 6 2015: Our new app, Uni Tune In has completed the Apple review process. Using short videos, this app gives handy hints on note-taking, understanding assessment, reading research papers, academic writing and much, much more. The videos are integrated into the app so no internet is needed. Download now and start improving your study skills. Available for free on the iTunes App Store .

February 28 2015: We have been working on a new NOn-gaME app. Learning a lot about universal apps and integrating videos. New app, on university study skills, is finished and submitted to the App Store for review. Should be available in 7-9 days. Watch this space.

November 16 2014: Busy times at Reptile Central. Finally bit the bullet and updated our development environment to Yosemite OS. It was surprisingly painless. New version of Xcode followed and now we are good to go to develop for iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6 Plus. Updated Woolley Monster Escapes for iPhone 6/6 Plus and v1.2 is now under review. Bit of a hiccup with cocos2D (v2) fighting with ARM64 but who needs sleep. Also exciting times as Reptiliaware has expanded into event apps with the IE2014 conference app for iPhone. New version (v1.3) now under review - more iPhone 6/6 Plus goodness. Soon to be updated on the Apple App Store.

October 7 2014: Woo hoo. New game finished. This is our first Universal app with custom graphics for iPhone and iPad. Nine months of development (off and on), 12 days in Apple review limbo and 35 minutes before Apple approval and addition to the App Store. Eight levels of side scrolling, bubbloid collecting, prison escaping action. "Woolley Monster Escapes" available for free download at .

September 24 2014: All systems go. Just finished Level 6 (of 8) of the new game. Soundtrack and special effects done and dusted. Will finish last levels this week and complete final play testing. Once the About and Instructions screens are done, it will be off to the iTunes App Store for review. Busy weekend ahead!

March 28 2014: Been a busy time building graphical assets for the new game. It's a Jetpac Joyride clone but with wool. The master level is almost done and soon I'll use it as a template for the first 8 levels. More fun times with level design. Oh, you can also follow us on Twitter .

February 8 2014: G'day and bonjour. The first reptiliaware navigation apps (rna) are through review and available for free on the Apple App Store. Both use augmented reality and GPS technology from Metaio to add virtual signposts to your iPhones camera view. rnaNewcastle is for navigating around the Callaghan campus of The University of Newcastle (Australia) and allows you to select a building and then follow the virtual signposts with real-time distance updates to your destination. rnaParis provides virtual signposts to five tourist attractions in Paris (France). More details are on the NOn-gaME appS page.

January 19 2014: Welcome to 2014. What happened to 2013! Good point. We moved nest. Goodbye rain, snow and yearly flooding (exit UK) and hello sun, wind and yearly bush fires (enter Australia). Oh and poisonous spiders and snakes. There are some poisonous octopus around here too. And jellyfish. And don't forget the sharks. Did I mention the poisonous spiders? Needless to say, we have been busy (avoiding the local wildlife and) moving so app development has taken a rest. Project: Red Squirrel is still in limbo. Who would have thought game level design was so difficult. You live and learn. However, a non-game augmented reality app using the Metaio SDK is nearing completion. Also a zombie game (it was only a matter of time!) is in the pipeline. Watch this space.

May 16 2012: All busy in Reptile Central. Project: Red Squirrel has been through two levels of alpha testing and is now being reworked. Planned release for Q3 this year. Watch this space. We have decided to retire Bubbloid, our first game, from the App Store. It was a prototype with open source content and we are now focused on apps with all reptile resources. To balance things out, BubbloidPlus is now free at . Enjoy.

September 25 2011: Found a gameplay video of "BubbloidX" on YouTube. Thanks AnySub (whoever you might be).

September 24 2011: "BubbloidX" available to download at .

September 17 2011: It's been a busy summer. I have been working on a new project (Codenamed: Red Squirrel) that has meant learning lots of new skills. It is a tile-based game with multiple worlds and levels (everyone say "In App Purchase"). The game framework is in place and the initial levels designed and implemented. Recently I've been struggling with how to make a squirrel dance - thanks for that Alpha testers! Also "Dead Island" has been a significant distraction. With my dancing squirrel animation in limbo I decided to update Bubbloid. While working on new graphics and music, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I'd souped up the game logic and added accelerometer support for tilt controls. Re-badged as "Bubbloid Extreme", I submitted it tonight to the App Store for review. Watch this space.

February 9 2011: Been a slow time at reptile central with other commitments interfering with new game development (i.e. Halo:Reach). Still, free downloads of our first three games has hit 10, 000+. Good world rankings in the iTunes App Store, particularly in Games/Kids, with Bubbloid hitting #15 (Germany), #15 (Japan), #23 (Canada) and #93 (Hong Kong) and Super Hungry Fish hitting # 39 (Hong Kong), #60 (Germany), #90 (US) and #111 (Japan). There have been some impressive scores on BubbloidPlus with Player 523190743 currently at the top of the world leaderboard with a mighty score of 316. Team Reptile has been trying to get back on top but is having trouble getting past 215!

November 23 2010: "Super Hungry Fish" available to download at .

November 15 2010: It's been an interesting five months. Bubbloid/Bubbloid+ have had over 3000 downloads between them. A "quick" fish-based Bubbloid clone took on a life of it's own and after four months of development is finished. This one is full of animations and new graphics by HiVE. "Super Hungry Fish" was submitted to iTunes Connect for review tonight. Should be up for download in a week or so.

June 21 2010: "Bubbloid" update (V1.1) available to download at .

June 19 2010: Game play video of "BubbloidPlus" uploaded to YouTube.

June 15 2010: "BubbloidPlus" available to download at .

June 11 2010: "Bubbloid" hits 1008 downloads after 3 days in the iTunes App Store.

June 9 2010: "Bubbloid" available to download at .

June 6 2010: New iPhone app "BubbloidPlus" submitted to iTunes Connect for review.

June 2 2010: New iPhone app "Bubbloid" submitted to iTunes Connect for review.

June 1 2010: reptiliaware hatches.